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» Community: Popoto Patch
» Owner: Luna Aequor
» Discord Server:
» Summary: We're a SFW community of Lalafells spanning across all data centers.
(They also have a really cool magazine)

» Venue: Lalakuza
» Owner: Rev Mo
» Website:
» Discord Server:
» Schedule: all times listed below are EST
Gambling Friday & Saturday 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM
» Summary: The Lalakuza is a crime organization comprised of Lalafells who engage in "illegal" activities. The main goal of the Lalakuza is to provide fun and fair games and activities to everyone. Come play with the gambling addicts and maybe become one yourself!
((logo to be updated soon -Hiiro))

Venue: Dark Morbol
Location: Ultros Goblet ward 18 plot 30
Target Audience: 17+
Times: 10pm est to 12am est
Community Links:
Owners: Rai Lamento
Summary: This is an underground dance club where the music is booming and the drinks are amazing! With great HQ food. It's a fun place to hang out with friends and just dance the night away. We also have a smoking area were we sell smokes and even weed yes weed along with hash brownies and space cake! So get your high on in the smoking room!

Hells kitchen is now open! Ultros goblet w12 p30 9.00 PM est to 11pmest Saturday came get the best food in game great place to rp hope to see u there came try our head chefs special

» Venue Maid Service Cafe :cake:
» Owner: Konata Moe
» Website:
» Discord Server:
» Location: Hyperion - Lavender Beds - W 24 P 41
» Schedule: Saturday - 08:00 pm EST→ 10:00 pm EST
» Summary: Maid Service is a comfy maid café where everyone is welcome to spend the most lovely hours in the company of the cutest maids of Eorzea. We have a menu full of delicious dishes, all of them made with the love of a maid. If you're looking for cute art, the maid café's owner is always offering commissions. So if you see a sleepy bunny around, don't mind her! It's just Kona after a long day of work. Maid Service Cafe is a place to make friends and have fun. Come get comfy with us, Master!